By Devorah Weinman

Parenting four kids aged 10 to 17 is exactly what you’d imagine – lots of laundry, dishes and driving. I’ve actually got a little more than that because all four are home educated. So the bad news is that I spend evenings and weekends writing out assignments, lists of chores, driving schedules and meals. The good news is that the very lifestyle of home education gives me what I need to keep at the drudgery.

Sounds so philosophical, you say? Not really if you are me.

Today it’s an overcast and windy Monday in the garden. By 1:15 this afternoon, I’ve already gotten more than enough inspiration to get through the day. At 10:30 am, my 15 and 10 year olds and I were seated in the Tilles Center for the Performing Arts at a magnificent performance of music and dance from the Philippines. It was an hour of wild costumes, daring dances and live music and singing.

So, when I find myself planting a young, promising trumpet vine bush next to my gazebo this afternoon, I realize t hat this is a life worth living, drudgery yes, but the most unexpected moments of beauty any ordinary housewife would envy.

© Devorah Weinman, January 2002