All my life I have been educated at home, outside the classroom, from the beginning of my education to the end. Every time someone asks me what institute I have gone to, I sigh, I tell them, and I prepare myself for the questions, the opinions and the bewilderment. So, let me clarify some truths and benefits of homeschooling, and let’s clear up the doubts once and for all:

I am not part of a sect. It’s amazing how many times I’ve been asked that.

No, I’m not a super genius. Like any other student, I once needed additional help or a private teacher.

I did extracurricular activities, like everyone else. When I was younger we went on a lot of excursions, I was in a youth group during my childhood, in summer I played softball, a type of baseball, I took art classes and I interacted with many people of my age.

The benefits of homeschooling weren’t to sleep all day without doing anything. As a teenager, I was allowed to get up late, because my mother understood the importance of the dream, but as soon as I got up, I started doing things. I did not escape from my tasks to have a good time (although the day of my birthday did leave me always free). Actually, I did homework like all children.

I was not overprotected! I swear I was not locked in my house without being able to relate to the outside world! I had homeschooler friends just like me, and friends who went to public or private school. I watched the same TV shows, played the same games and ate the same food.

I do not feel that I have lost the traditions of those who go to school. I went three times to the homeschoolers graduation party. They were not as glamorous as others, but I had a great time and I could live the experience. In fact, I even went to watch soccer games!

Although I have been educated at home throughout my school years, my three brothers have gone to school at some point in their lives. My sister went to school in her last year of high school and I used to go to all the games, soccer games and other things.

I do not feel that I was harmed when I got to college. It was a rare adaptation, but it went well for me. I graduated from high school and started college at the age of 17 and it was quite good for me. I got good grades, I made friends and I enjoyed it, it was simply different from my previous stage at home.

I also had my problems. The problems do not appear only when you go to school, they are something typical of the age. I argued with my friends, I had my first relationship, I got my first job and I had problems with the studies. I had my good times and my bad moments, that’s something that I have not saved.

I didn’t end up hating my parents. I really appreciate the generous decision that my parents took to educate me at home. The decision they made, marked the person I am today. I had opportunities that other children did not have.

I’m not socially weird (well yes, but that’s because I’m like that). I learned to relate not only with people of my age but with people of all ages.

It did not hurt me as a person. On the contrary, my situation was advantageous with respect to others. I learned to be independent, to clean, to cook, to take care of the garden and to get along well with my brothers. I discovered my passion for reading, for writing, and I was able to work part-time.

I did not lack human interaction, I was able to socialize. It involved me as far as I WANTED to get involved. I went to a youth group, I played softball, I had friends and I spent a lot of time with my grandparents. In fact, if I had not been a homeschooler, I would not have seen my father just because of his work schedule.

People of my age may have had great parties and events in their schools, but I have acquired skills for life, experience and independence, just to say some of the benefits of homeschooling.