Yoga for a Healthy Mind & Body


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Start your holistic journey to a better life by doing yoga for a healthy mind.

Class Overview

Want less stress in your life, a better ability to focus, improved health and a fitness routine that you truly enjoy? You may be surprised to learn that by doing yoga for a healthy mind, it can provide all of these benefits. Award-winning yoga instructor Heidi E. Sormaz, Ph. D., makes yoga accessible and achievable for people of all skill levels by combining science with the art of the vinyasa. You’ll explore a range of practical techniques and exercises for calming, cardiovascular fitness, pain relief, mental healing and so much more.

What You Get

  • 12 Streaming HD video lessons with any time, anywhere access
  • Downloadable class resources, including a 79-page course guide
  • 6+ hours of close-up instruction
  • Answers from fellow classmates in our virtual classroom