Let’s talk about homeschooling with teenagers. I want to be very sincere. When my daughter who is now almost fourteen was 12 years old with terrible mood swings. She was no longer my obedient little girl, she began to have a harder, firmer temperament, and with mood swings that made my hair stand on end!

It began with feeling bigger enough to “tell me where to go in the car” to point out or put little faces that are not pleasant to my mistakes and the thousand dilemmas that are experienced with adolescence, I thought I would go crazy.

In these moments I am going through the same with my son Moy. He is in the stage of hormones and everything they come with, he started smaller than Moni, and I have really lost my peace and my head many times with him. Right now we are with the push and pull, but with him is different, is a male, and we continue to promote the role of men and women, his role well defined, so we know that he will be the head of a family or of a parish, the pressure and responsibilities with it are more rigid and heavy. Sometimes I’m afraid of making a mistake, but I trusted God to help me and I put everything on my part to make a great man.

With these two teenagers growing up at home, we have started some things, that since we got married and reinforced by taking parents’ school, we had been planning with them such as:

How to do homeschooling with teenagers?

Work – At this age, it is very important that they start earning their money, that they have the experience of feeling a payment for the sweat of their brow, that they value and know how much work the money is earned.
My son will soon have a job, we postponed it a little for a health problem he had, but the plan is to go out two or three times a week four hours a day to work, for now, he is in charge of washing and vacuuming the cars of the house, but conscientiously, very well done, and for this work he receives a bit of money that he has earned with the sweat of his brow. With this payment I see that he is motivated and feels satisfied and useful, he values the money and he is saving for useful things that he wants to buy.

Classes outside the home – I knew that one day they would go out to take some classes focused on their interests and abilities. Moni has been defined by the area of letters so she is studying a diploma at the school of writers. Moy takes robotics classes and we have already seen an online program of electricity and mechanics to learn important life skills.

Both are interested in video editing, programming, web design, so it will also be part of their homeschooling with teenagers program.

Entrepreneurship – This has been one of the main motivations for homeschooling, not wanting my children to be employees of anyone and leave their own brand in the world. We started a family business which was very motivating for everyone since it came out of the idea of ​​products that we did for our family and for the care of the environment, but they wanted to do something of their own.