There are many parents who, for one reason or another, decide to choose homeschool programs for their children, since according to them, the official education system established does not cover the needs of your child before learning.

For this reason, these parents decide to educate themselves to their children, although it is a somewhat difficult task.

Advantages and disadvantages of homeschool programs

This type of education carried out at home, has adopted its English name Homeschooling, and has a very important advantage, since it allows to offer an individualized education respecting the learning rhythm of each child, considering the activities according to the needs and interests of the same, in contrast to what an educational centre can offer, since every day the classrooms are more crowded, and in them the rhythm of all the children is not always respected, since the teachers do not have the flexibility they would like to have .

One of the drawbacks of Homeschooling that people may consider is that children become asocial, since the fact of not going to a school, where children interact with other children, could cause home-educated children to have problems socializing. However, this is not the case, since educating at home does not mean that children are always at home with their parents, they also do extracurricular activities and participate in activities with other families that use this type of education.

In spite of this, Homeschooling runs the risk of children growing up influenced by the beliefs and convictions of their parents, and in the same way, parents can become overprotective with them, wanting their children to see the world through his own vision.

How to carry out homeschool programs

Before considering the Homeschooling, one must be well informed both at a pedagogical and legal level, because although in Spain it is not expressly prohibited in any legal text, there may be certain controversies, since it does require a compulsory education. Therefore, it is advisable to contact nearby families who already educate at home, who can inform and advise on the situation.

If you end up using this mode of education, you have to know that you do not need specific training, but you do need a lot of patience, time and will day after day, something that not all parents can offer.